How to Care for Your Root Canal Treatment

care for your root canal treatment

Al Berger, DDS near Bayport, NY, offers our patients a wide array of restorative dentistry treatments, including root canals. This is a treatment with an unfair reputation as it is so remarkably beneficial, and not much more complex than a typical filling. It saves the natural tooth, eliminates pain, and provides you with a cosmetically flawless new crown (in almost all cases). However, you still need to know how to properly care for your root canal treatment in order to enjoy the best results.

To care for your root canal treatment, it is best if you understand just what it entailed. Essentially, Dr. Berger found you had deep set decay and maybe even an abscess. This meant he had to remove the infected tissue and treat the tooth. It was then filled properly, and a temporary crown was installed. To access that deeply in a tooth, most patients will have to have the crown removed and replaced. A few days later, you returned and had your new crown bonded to the tooth, and you could then use it just like a natural one.

Keep in mind that the gum and roots of the tooth are still natural, and that proper care for your root canal treatment means preventing bacteria and decay from troubling these areas of the tooth. The dental crown is going to be relatively impervious to staining or harm, but you must still provide proper care for this feature too.

As your dentist near Bayport, Dr. Berger may have reviewed the right way to provide care, but let’s do a quick summary:

Immediately after the treatment you need to avoid using that tooth if possible, and most definitely do not eat anything hard or chewy. Rinse rather than brush the tooth and gum in this area.

Once the area is restored with a crown, the proper care involves:

Begin to use standard brushing and flossing again. You may even want to ask us about an interdental brush that gets between the crown and the natural tooth, ensuring that no debris or bacteria remain.

Visit us for regular checkups. Think of the dental crown just like a tooth and come in for regular cleanings and checkups. We may also x-ray the root canal to be sure it is fully and properly healed.

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