How to Care for Porcelain Veneers

care for your porcelain veneers

Patients of Al Berger, DDS near Bayport, NY know that they can turn to our office for a cosmetic dentistry solution like porcelain veneers. Whether it is to remedy broken or chipped teeth, gapped or uneven teeth, or as part of a smile makeover, they are a wonderful, long-term solution. However, they are not meant to last for all time, and we want our patients to learn the best ways to care for porcelain veneers in order to enjoy the best results.

To increase the life span of dental veneers, just use these tips and techniques:

Get regular checkups – As your dentist near Bohemia, we already encourage proper oral hygiene, and even made sure that your teeth and gums were in the best shape before applying porcelain veneers. However, to ensure your treatment lasts for many years, be sure you come in for cleanings and checkups as this also allows us to assess the health of the veneers.

Avoid habits that can harm your porcelain veneers – If you are someone who finds themselves chewing on a pencil or tapping their teeth with one, it is time to re-train yourself! You may discover that one part of the proper care for your porcelain veneers is learning what not to do! No more crunching on ice cubes, chewing your nails or using your teeth to open something as these can all lead to trouble.

Use the right dental care products – A softer tooth brush and a non-abrasive paste are ideal for your porcelain veneers. Remember too that some mouthwash or rinse products have a high amount of alcohol, which is not good for the bonding agent. Read labels and use the safest and gentlest products to care for your porcelain veneers.

Watch what you drink and eat – Many people don’t realize that dental veneers resist staining, but their natural teeth and the bonding agents do not. This can cause uneven coloration in the mouth, and though whitening is a remedy, you can ensure that you do not harm the bonding agent by avoiding red wine, coffee, cola, tea and anything that stains. Also consider smoking cessation to provide premium care for your porcelain veneers.

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