Dental Bridges Facts

dental bridges facts

If you have been talking with your dentist near Bluepoint about the possibility of getting a dental bridge, then you probably want to know as many dental bridges facts as you can find. The more you know the easier it will be to determine whether this procedure is a good option for you or not.

Dental Bridge Fact #1

One of the first things to remember about bridges is what their job is. It’s all in the name. the bridge is a device that fills the space between missing teeth. In most cases, the dental bridge specialist will use the healthy teeth that are on either side of that gap as the anchors for your bridge. If you don’t have natural teeth, they could use implants.

Dental Bridge Fact #2

The dentist will not immediately fit you with a permanent bridge. First, you will have a temporary bridge after the specialist has taken impressions of your teeth. This temporary bridge will stay in place until they’ve completed work on the permanent bridge. Most of the time, this only takes a couple of weeks at most. Then, you will go back to the dentist to make sure it fits properly.

Dental Bridge Fact #3

Just because you have a bridge, it doesn’t mean you have to stop eating all of your favorite foods. In fact, you should be able to eat just about anything you would like. After you first get it fitted though, you will likely want to start with softer foods until you get used to the feeling.

Dental Bridge Fact #4

The bridges can last a long time. If you take good care of it, you could have it last for a decade or more.

Restore Your Smile With a Dental Bridge

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