Can You Benefit from a Dental Bridge?

benefit from a dental bridge

Perhaps you have heard of a dental bridge, but are unsure of just what it is, and patients of Al Berger, DDS near Bayport, NY can get all of the answers they need here. Can you benefit from a dental bridge? If you are curious to know the answer, just read below…

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a bit like it sounds, and even has features similar to a classic bridge. It has to have “abutments” just like a bridge spanning a river, and it does close the gap between two points. However, a dental bridge is meant to replace missing teeth, and the abutments it uses are two existing teeth.

If you are to benefit from a dental bridge, you have to meet a few requirements. The first is that you have to be missing one or more teeth. If it is more than one, the teeth have to be in a row or sequence. At either end of the gap, you will also need healthy teeth to serve as the abutments or anchor for the bridge.

The two teeth can be replaced with dental implants if they are not healthy enough to be prepared for the bridge, but if they are healthy, they are fitted with dental crowns and this protects those natural teeth from damage.

A Restorative Treatment

As your dentist near Bayport, Dr. Berger will provide restorative dentistry services whenever necessary. A bridge is a restorative treatment because it allows you to begin using your teeth and mouth as you did before you lost any teeth. Clearly, this means you can and will benefit from a dental bridge if you have suffered the loss of adult teeth.

However, not everyone will benefit from a dental bridge because there may be other issues. For example, if you have lost many teeth in the upper or lower jaw, and do not have healthy teeth and gums remaining, a bridge may not be the appropriate answer. You may be a better candidate for implants or dentures, you and Dr. Berger must work together to find the right answers.

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