Can You Benefit from Root Canal Treatment?

benefit from root canal treatment

In the title of this article, we asked if you can benefit from a root canal. In reality, you can only benefit from this procedure. If you are told you require one, it is essential that you obtain the root canal in order to save that adult tooth, end pain, and preserve your oral health. Al Berger, DDS near Bayport, NY offers restorative dentistry treatments like root canals, and emphasizes the importance of getting it done, and then knowing how to care for your root canal treatment afterward.

Three Stages of Care

As your dentist near Bayport, Dr. Berger always places an emphasis on oral health. This is why he will encourage a patient to always obtain a root canal if their tooth is jeopardized. Once the treatment is done, though, there is also the need to provide ideal care for your root canal treatment, and we tell patients it occurs in three stages:

  • Immediately after
  • The first week after
  • Ongoing

To care for your root canal treatment immediately after it has been done is very simple. You will be numb and should abstain from food or drink until sensation returns. You cannot eat anything that will tug at the temporary crown. You should be able to brush and floss, but do so gently.

The first week after the treatment, you should be able to begin brushing and flossing like normal, and you will then be called back to the office to have your new dental crown fitted. Almost any root canal is followed up with a crown, and when you leave our office, it will be as if you have an all new tooth in place.

This is when you shift into the ongoing care for your root canal treatment, and it is just like the care you provide for natural teeth. Daily brushing and flossing, twice annual cleanings and checkups, and any care or treatments that Dr. Berger might suggest.

Contact Our Bohemia Dentist for Root Canal Treatment

It is not at all difficult to deal with a root canal, and anyone who needs one is going to benefit greatly from having it. Caring for the crown and the tooth is easy and simple, and we are happy to answer any questions you have. If you do have additional questions about the care for your root canal treatment, or about any of the other treatments mentioned here, give us a call at our office near Bayport, NY at 631-589-2600. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.

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