How to Care for Your Invisalign®

Care for Your Invisalign

As a patient of Al Berger, DDS near Bayport, NY, you have a wealth of treatment options available. If you decided to get your teeth straightened using the high tech Invisalign®options, you already know what to expect in regard to the overall process. You have your first set of trays, you know when to take them out and when to wear them, but do you know how to care for your Invisalign trays?

One of the best things about them is that they are quickly and discreetly removable. You just pop them out and put them in their special case whenever you eat, drink or do you regular oral hygiene. However, is there more you should be doing to ensure you provide premium care for your Invisalign devices? There are some simple things you should do, including:

  • Always rinse the trays whenever you take them out of your mouth. Even if you are taking them out to sip a quick cup of tea or juice, be sure you rinse them thoroughly before putting them in the case as the devices will always have bacteria from inside of your mouth, and this can transfer to the case creating unhealthy conditions.
  • Always brush and floss before inserting the tray. The trays, as you know, custom fit to the inside of your mouth. They are snug against the teeth, and if you fail to clean the teeth and remove debris with flossing, you are actually trapping particles that can lead to bad breath or rapid decay.
  • Always proper clean the trays. At least once each day, take the time to thoroughly cleans the trays with a proper soaking solution. Ask us for suggestions or use a proper denture or retainer cleanser to ensure that your trays are totally sanitized once every 24 hours.
  • Whenever you cannot soak the trays, use antibacterial soap. The soft soap you keep by the kitchen or bathroom sink can be a good way to cleanse the tray fully if you cannot give it a thorough and proper soak. Just be sure there are no abrasive particles in the soap.
  • When you brush your teeth also brush your aligners. You can provide truly optimal care for your Invisalign trays by giving them a quick and gentle brush whenever you also clean your teeth. Just don’t use toothpaste because this too can cause whitening – making them detectable when you wear them.

As your dentist in Bayport, we hope you get the most out of your “clear braces”, and when you use proper care for the trays, you can avoid bad breath or problems with bacterial

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