Understanding the Key Benefits of Root Canals

Understanding the Key Benefits of Root Canals

February 22, 2016 Restorative Dentistry, Root Canals

As a dental patient of Al Berger, DDS, you come to our Oakdale, NY offices for many different treatments. Your dental health is our goal and that is true even when we are working with you to overcome issues like cavities and the need for root canals.

Many dental patients hear the phrase root canal and experience a sense of dread. The procedure has garnered an unfair reputation because it is more involved than a typical filling. However, there are incredible benefits to root canals and it is important that all patients understand them.

Root canals are required when the nerve or the pulp of the tooth (this is the material inside of the tooth) has become infected, inflamed or has been damaged in some way. Generally, a patient will need a root canal if there is a deep cavity in the tooth, some deep-set decay, a fracture in the tooth, or even an abscess.

While many consider taking a short cut and ask Dr. Berger simply to remove the tooth, the benefits of root canals are too important to overlook. Firstly, they save the tooth. More and more studies are pointing to the simple truth that it is always best to save an existing tooth if at all possible. This makes one of the key benefits of root canals their ability to spare the tooth and preserve optimal oral health.

How does the root canal maintain better health? When an adult tooth is removed, it leaves a gap in the tissue and in the area of the jaw. This can cause your remaining teeth to shift into new positions, misaligning the bite and causing a host of problems. An extraction can introduce bacteria into the blood stream and lead to further problems with the gums and jaw. Removal may necessitate a replacement, such as an implant. Though these are effective, they are expensive and a time consuming process.

Thus, the benefits of root canals include the long-term health of the teeth, gums and jaw. They are the least invasive way to treat a serious dental problem effectively. They also tend to be far less costly than implants and they rarely demand follow-up treatment.

Patients in Bohemia, NY should know that the benefits of root canals include our use of the latest technologies making it possible for our team to do root canals in one visit! Our patients are often surprised at just how quickly and painlessly their root canals are done and they leave with a strong and flawlessly matched new crown in place too.

Do not fear root canals, they are a wonderful way to preserve the health of your teeth, gums and jaw. Patients of Dr. Berger are pleasantly surprised at how quickly and painlessly the procedure can be and knowing the benefits of root canals helps you to make the right call.

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