Teeth Whitening Factsteeth whitening factsteeth whitening factsteeth whitening factsteeth whitening facts

While many of our patients near Bluepoint understand that oral health is critical for overall health, most people admit that they head to the dentist because they want a beautifully white smile. Once your teeth and gums are in good health, we are happy to help with teeth whitening treatments – but we often find that there are misconceptions about teeth whitening that make people hesitant. Here are some tooth whitening facts to put your mind at ease.

Tooth Whitening Fact: Teeth Whitening Hurts or Makes You Sensitive

Teeth whitening is one of the least invasive cosmetic dentistry procedures available, and it does not hurt a bit. However, it is true that your gums and teeth can become sensitive for about 24 hours after the procedure. It is not common or normal for teeth to develop long-term sensitivity after being whitened. This is a big benefit over whitening strips, because at-home products subject your teeth to the hydrogen peroxide that causes sensitivity daily, rather than just once.

Tooth Whitening Fact: The Blue “Laser” Light

When you have a professional teeth whitening procedure, your teeth will have a gel or liquid applied to the surface, and then a blue light will be shone on your teeth. Contrary to popular myth, this is not a laser. It is simply a UV light that breaks down the particles of set-in stains.

Tooth Whitening Fact: You Get a Movie Star Smile

Despite the promises of some cosmetic dentistry professionals, there is no way to use tooth whitening to get a red carpet smile. Our teeth are not naturally white; they are shades of yellow, gray, and brown. Tooth whitening simply removes stains from this natural coloring. Those Hollywood smiles are more often porcelain veneers or dental crowns.

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