Teeth Whitening for a Better Smile

Teeth Whitening for a Better Smile

We all want to have the kind of smile that gives us confidence, improves our self-image, and is simply attractive for others to admire. But when our teeth are stained or discolored we can sometimes feel like we’re miles away from the smile we desire. But that’s where your dentist and teeth whitening procedures can help. These procedures can help give you back that smile you’ve always loved.

Why Teeth Whitening?

If you have unwanted staining or discoloration, teeth whitening is an obvious solution. And even with regular brushing and consistent cleaning by your dentist, you still might not get the results you really want.

Where to Start?

The first step is talking with your dentist to determine if teeth whitening procedures are a good fit for you. Certain hues may not bleach as well, or other factors could make options such as porcelain veneers a better choice.

What Happens During The Procedure?

During an in-office bleaching, your dentist will typically first apply a protective gel to your gums, or use a rubber shield. A bleaching agent is applied to the tooth, and in some cases laser lights are used to further enhance the whitening agent. There are also at-home whiteners that can be used, as well as whitening toothpastes. These pastes don’t actually change the color of your teeth, but have special stain-removing effectiveness.

What Is KOR Whitening?

KOR whitening is a tooth whitening procedure used by Dr. Berger that has produced excellent results. For Dr. Berger and his staff, there are four reasons this tooth whitening system works. 1) The fit and effectiveness of the bleaching trays; 2) a refrigeration process, which ensures that optimal bleaching gel is used in every procedure; 3) the KOR bleaching formulas are designed to get superior results, and 4) the KOR whitening system utilizes desensitizers which drastically reduces the tooth sensitivity in other tooth whitening systems.

Am I A Good Candidate For This System?

Anyone from the age of 14-90 can reap the amazing benefits of the KOR whitening system. Perhaps you’re disappointed with the results of other tooth whitening systems you’ve tried, or just aren’t happy with the color of your teeth.

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