If you are looking in the mirror and not entirely happy with the reflection staring back at you when you smile, it could be because you have some issues with your teeth. Maybe some of the them are cracked, and this is leading to other problems, such as additional sensitivity. Perhaps you have noticed that your gums are receding. This often happens as people get older, but you do not have to live with this situation. Consider learning the following dental crowns facts to see if they might be a good solution for you.

How the Crowns Work

The crowns will typically be a single restorative dental treatment for one tooth. When they are used for anchoring bridges, though, the dentist will use two crowns. One will be on the tooth on each sides of the gap.

Is a Dental Crown and a Cap the Same Thing?

It is true that a dental crown is also often referred to as a cap. This is because it fits right over the tooth akin to a hat going onto someone’s head. If the dentist talks with you about getting a cap, it is the same thing.

What Can Dental Crowns Be Used to Restore?

This is one of the most important facts to know, as it will help you learn whether the crowns might be a good choice for your needs. Crowns are typically used to restore teeth that have been cracked and chipped. They are also used to anchor dental bridges, cover posts for dental implants, to cover discolored teeth, and to help with excessively decayed teeth.

Are Crowns Only an Aesthetic Treatment?

Another one of the dental crowns facts to realize is that the crowns do more than just make the teeth look great. They also protect the tooth, and allow you to keep as much of the original tooth structure as possible.

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