Benefits of Dental Crowns

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are actually not worthy of the name. They’re not really “crowns”, so you won’t suddenly become royalty if you get one! A crown is actually more like a hat or a helmet for your tooth. Anyone can have a helmet or hat regardless of their royal bloodlines or lack thereof, and in fact this is one of the best ways to protect and preserve a damaged tooth.

This type of hat (which for our purposes we will continue to call a “crown”) covers a damaged tooth in its entirety, right from the gum line on up to the chewing surface. It can be used to repair a damaged tooth, or simply to restore appearance to one that is chipped or discolored. So, crowns work both cosmetically and functionally. Often, crowns are used to complete restorative procedures, like root canals. It protects what’s remaining of the damaged tooth, and a full crown can even replace a damaged tooth. In fact, if you have missing teeth, and you’ve had implants, the prosthetic tooth that is attached to your implants is referred to as a crown.

Perhaps you think that creating a crown is complicated. Actually, it isn’t. It’s a minimally invasive procedure. We create a crown first by making sure that the enamel of your tooth is healthy and clean. Then, it is shaped so that the tooth will hold the crown. Finally, an impression of your tooth is taken and that impression is sent off to a lab that will create your crown. Usually it’s ready in a week or two, and once it is, you’ll come into the office to have the crown attached using a special bonding material.

The best thing about dental crowns is that they’re designed to look just like your natural tooth. Before we do the final placement, we’ll examine the crown to make sure that it matches your natural tooth color. Once we’re both satisfied, we’ll place the crown, and almost instantly your tooth will be fixed. Whether the issue was breakage, crookedness, chips or discoloration, you’ll leave the office with a brand new crown that looks totally natural. In fact, if you don’t want to tell people that you’ve had a crown, or crowns, installed, you don’t have to.

So, if you’re not happy with the appearance of your smile or the functionality of your mouth, come and see us in Oakdale. We’ll talk about hats for your teeth. You can call us at (631) 589-2600 to schedule a consult.

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