Avoid OTC Teeth Whitening Products

Avoid OTC Teeth Whitening Products

Most people love the idea of having a brighter whiter smile, and they might have thought about asking their dentist about whitening treatment. Then, they were walking through their local grocery store only to find that the shelves were full of over the counter teeth whitening products. However, you might find that the OTC teeth whitening products are simply not worth your time and money for a range of reasons. It is always better to have the dentists take care of the procedure. Read on and learn why.

One of the first things you should know about the OTC teeth whitening products is that they do not have the seal of approval from the American Dental Association. The FDA does not regulate these treatments either, and this should seriously make you think about their level of effectiveness.

In addition, there is no guarantee to the ingredients. Are you aware of the right amount of peroxide you need to help whiten your teeth effectively and safely? There is a chance that you could get a product that simply does not work, or you could get a product that causes damage to your gums and teeth.

Many times, consumers are confused as to how they need to use these products. They only have the instructions from the packaging, and they are not always as clear as you might like. It is always better to work with a cosmetic dentist that can provide you with a proper whitening, or provide you with a take home kit and instructions on how to use it properly.

With the OTC teeth whitening products, the results are rarely as good as the marketing describes them to be. When someone is not happy with the results, they often think that they just need more of the product to be effective. This can become expensive, and it can cause damage.

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