Am I a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Am I a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

February 29, 2016 Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening

Is there anything that says a healthy smile more than brilliant white teeth? Unfortunately, even people with optimally healthy teeth and gums can suffer from some discoloration. Whether it is from specific medications, tobacco use, tea or coffee drinking or almost any other reason, you can use teeth whitening treatments to tackle the problem.

In our Oakdale, NY office, Al Berger, DDS and our dedicated team provide patients with all of their dental healthcare solutions, including some of the best methods for brightening teeth through the different teeth whitening treatments. However, you may want to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for teeth whitening and review the various pros and cons for choosing this approach.

Teeth whitening is an effective solution for almost all instances of stained teeth, but there are several kinds of staining. There are shallow or surface stains that are common among those who smoke, drink wine or coffee, or who have dietary habits that leave the teeth a pale yellow or brown. If this sounds like you, then teeth whitening can help.

There are also deeper or “intrinsic” stains that are deeper in the tooth. They may be beneath the enamel and can look more gray than brown. Teeth whitening can help here too, but may take much longer to achieve.

The various pros and cons of teeth whitening, begin with your level of patience and the type of staining. If you have deep-set stains and want immediate results, you will have to change your perspective and accept that a con of whitening is that it can take time. Another one of the cons to teeth whitening is that it may not be appropriate for those with sensitive teeth, damaged enamel, advanced periodontal disease, or those with oral cancer.

Optimally, teeth whitening is done after your teeth and gums have been treated for any conditions and are in their best possible health. Then you can use teeth whitening to get that flawless white grin you desire. The pros and cons of teeth whitening are fairly minimal, but you will want to visit our office and speak with Dr. Berger to determine if you are a good candidate at the moment. If not, it is usually a matter of getting your teeth and gums in good condition and then you can enjoy the benefits of teeth whitening.

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