Am I a Candidate for a Root Canal?

Am I a Candidate for a Root Canal?

March 21, 2016 Root Canals

It is often surprising to some dental patients to learn that they have dental decay or cavities. They may experience very little pain or even none at all and learn that there is significant decay. That is one of the primary reasons that regular checkups and cleanings are so important. When you do learn that you have a cavity or decay, you will have several possible treatments available.

Your dentist will work with you to help you choose the best for your needs. Patients of Al Berger, DDS will have everything explained clearly in order to be sure they understand why a specific treatment is recommended. Should patients of our office near Bohemia, NY hear that they are a candidate for a root canal, we explain exactly why and then review the pros and cons of this course of treatment.

A root canal is often chosen when decay is extensive and deep or when an infection is so severe that a traditional filling will not be effective. Traditionally, a tooth that has infected material and decay is remedied with a filling. This is a tooth colored resin that is glued into the tooth after the decay has been treated. However, if so much of the tooth or pulp of the tooth must be removed, it is best to utilize a root canal.

The treatment removes the material and then restores the upper part of the tooth, also known as the crown. Dr. Berger and his team use only the most advanced techniques, and patients are usually surprised by how quickly and painlessly the entire process occurs. That is only one of the “pros” or benefits of root canal treatment.

Among the pros and cons of the option, another major pro is that the root canal allows the patient to keep the natural tooth. Instead of losing it to the extensive decay, they will have the treatment to remove the infected material and then a restorative crown or dental colored filling tops the root canal and strengthens the tooth.

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If you are wondering whether or not you are a candidate for root canal treatment, considering the pros and cons of this path often show it as an ideal solution for difficult or severe infection or decay. Should you have questions or concerns about root canal treatments? If so, or if want to learn more about the benefits of this option, please get in touch. You can phone our office near Bohemia, NY at (631) 589-2600, or contact us online. Your dental health is our goal and Dr. Al Berger or one of our staff will be in touch right away.

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