5 Reasons to Consider Root Canals

5 Reasons to Consider Root Canals

5 Reasons to Consider Root Canals

A root canal is a procedure that a lot of people dread because they think root canals are painful. They actually are not – when performing a root canal, your dentist actually rids you of pain by removing infected tooth pulp, and then filling and sealing the canal. You have very good reasons to consider root canals and none to fear them. The following are some of the symptoms that indicate you need root canal therapy.

  1. Pain

This is the best of all reasons to consider root canals. Pain could manifest early on as headaches and random toothaches, but can escalate very quickly into a severe toothache. This warrants an immediate visit to your dentist.

  1. Sensitivity

Your first tip-off that you need root canal therapy could be an extreme sensitivity to both cold and heat. Some people just have naturally sensitive teeth, but if you experience the kind of discomfort that is not eased by using a toothpaste specially prepared for such issues, you have another in the list of good reasons to consider root canals.

  1. Abscess

The appearance of an abscess is another sign that you may need root canal therapy. Usually, you will notice that the abscess appears on the outside of your gums.

  1. Nasty Taste

Sometimes, you may notice that you have a very unpleasant taste in your mouth. This could be due to an abscess that is not easily visible.

  1. Deep Cavity

If you have very deep cavities, you have more reasons to consider root canals. This is because it is necessary to remove all of the harmful bacteria that are growing in the tooth, and the tooth is very likely to begin to die due to the depth of the cavity. This type of cavity will almost certainly eventually need root canal therapy, so there is little point in going through the process of a standard filling when it is not likely to last.

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